Welcome to Arendelle Odyssey

Arendelle Odyssey is a massive collaborative documentary project that seeks to chronicle the state of the Frozen fandom from the drop of the first Frozen II teaser until present day. From writers to artists to editors to general fans, the project will seek to compile a library of interviews and content that will give unique insight into the fandom from different angles, and show how Frozen has impacted the lives of so many in a personal way

Arendelle Odyssey Showcase

All of the people at Arendelle Odyssey work very hard to make the project what it is today. 

With our teams full of Artists, Writers, Editors, Animators, Musicians and more, there is a lot of art to be shown and shared.

We have different showcases to show of all of these creations. Each one is meant to show some of the best work made for the project per genre, and to give back to the creators.

Please indulge and view all the creations made by our team.

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